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The NephCure Walk is NephCure’s walking fundraiser designed to raise vital dollars to further our mission of saving kidneys, saving lives. More than a fundraiser, The Nephcure Walk provides support for those lives that have been touched by Nephrotic Syndrome and FSGS while raising awareness in our communities. 

Wonder what motivates NephCure Walkers? 
Be inspired by true stories from families around the world.  

Melissa Waugh
Team Corbin, Berkeley Springs WV
Mother of a child with minimal change Nephrotic Syndrome

Hello... My name is Melissa and my son Corbin was diagnosed with minimal change Nephrotic Syndrome in 2003 when he was just 2 years old. Our lives have been filled with so many ups and downs since his diagnosis. Corbin has been on prednisone along with so many other medications in the last eight years none of which have had a full effect on him. His biopsy was in 2009, which looked great at that time.

Corbin's last appointment was pretty scary, talking to his doctors about what our future plan is for him. His doctor had given me a business card that afternoon from the NephCure Foundation in hopes that we could find further information that might help.

I soon learned about what all the foundation had to offer for families dealing with these debilitating kidney diseases, I instantly became hooked! Having a walk was a wonderful way to get the community, family and friends involved in raising awareness to find a cure.

We walk to find a cure, raise awareness and to show our support to all the families affected by Nephrotic Syndrome/FSGS.  I planned the first NephCure Walk in Berkeley Springs West Virginia in just three weeks. I am determined to be an advocate for my son and for all those in need. We raised over $2000.00 in just 7 hours in our small town, that just goes to show you that anybody can do it!  It is amazing to see people come together for a great cause!!

Nikki Buermeyer
Team Fairfax, VA
Mother of a child with FSGS

"Having a child with a Nephrotic Syndrome or FSGS can feel like your life is out of control.  You can’t control when relapses occur, when medications will work or prevent germs from entering you house that could lead to more doctor’s visits and possibly hospital stays.  However, one thing you can do is raise awareness and funds for NephCure by organizing a NephCure walk. 

My daughter was diagnosed with FSGS in January 2010 at 7 years old.  The nephrologists had told us about NephCure, but we learned there wasn’t a NephCure chapter here in Northern Virginia and no walks had taken place here.  So we decided to talk the plunge and plan a walk.  Friends thought I was crazy having a sick child and organizing a large event like this.  I would tell them, organizing a walk is something I can have some control over so I’m going to put my head down and move forward.  If I stopped to think about it, it would be overwhelming.  I’d never planned anything like this before. 

The first step was to find a date and location and it was easier than I expected.  Outdoor shopping centers, local parks and schools were all viable options.  Once the date was set, we modified an example letter given from a kind parent who organized a walk in California.   I am not a writer, so editing was much easier than starting from scratch.  NephCure also sent a walk coordinator packet that was a huge help.  It has example letters, ways to ask companies and local businesses for their support, a time line for planning the event and more.  At first I was afraid to ask local vendors for donations, but when I went to the first store and started my speech, “My daughter has a kidney disease and we are organizing a walk to raise funds to find a cure,” it hit me.  I will do anything to find a better treatment or cure to help my daughter not suffer anymore.  After that it was easy.  I asked friends to join the walk committee and be in charge of parts of the walk.  Delegating tasks and asking friends to take charge made a huge difference.

The day of the walk was amazing.  To see over 200 people come and support our family to find a cure is an unbelievable feeling.  People I had never met came up to me and thanked us for holding this event – for allowing them to be part of community where people came together to help others.   Two women said they were thankful for their children to be able to volunteer at an event like this and see how important it is to support those in need.  Here I felt so thankful and blessed for all of these people helping us, yet in turn it also blessed others.

So many people want to help when a child is sick, but many don’t know what to do or say so they stay away.  Creating this event gives friends and family a way to help.

It may seem overwhelming, but it is very possible.  If I can do it, anyone can!!  I would encourage anyone thinking about organizing a walk to just do it, don’t think too much about it, just do it.  Keep things as simple as possible, and ask for help.  People want to help, they just need to be asked."

Cindy Bittner

Team Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mother of a child with FSGS

I walk for my 9-year old son, Christopher who was diagnosed with FSGS at 18 months.  We're off medicine now and only getting traces. 

I just asked current friends and old friends for donations and they are coming through.  I have received about $200.00.

I enjoy walking and getting together with other families going through the same thing.  You can gain a lot of insight.  Also [we walk] to make other people aware of kidney disease and how it affects many people.

Letter from Slade Murphy
Team Seattle, Washington
Father of a child with MCD

"Hello everyone,
Many of you know that my son, Landon (5), has a form of kidney disease called Minimal Change Disease. He was diagnosed at 18 months after catching a bad bronchial virus.

During the past 4 years he has undergone a biopsy at Seattle Children's Hospital, taken a course of chemotherapy and sucked down countless doses of prednisone. The past year has been a real good one for Landon where he's grown a few inches and participated in soccer, basketball, baseball, BMX racing, motorcycle riding and skiing. Landon is a very sweet boy and is starting to understand what all of this kidney stuff is about and what impact it has and will have on his life.   

While we aren't very comfortable making Landon a charity case, we are committed to battling kidney disease by telling his story and trying to raise awareness and money for research. Part of this effort is teaming up with the Nephcure Foundation, the only organization committed exclusively to support research seeking the cause of kidney diseases, including Minimal Change Disease, improve treatment and find a cure. To help raise money for the Nephcure Foundation, we participate every year in the NephCure walk.


nephcure west virginia walk


nephcure west virginia walk


Fairfax, VA walk 2010


Fairfax, VA walk 2010


Fairfax, VA walk 2010


Fairfax, VA walk 2010


Fairfax, VA walk 2010


Richmond Walk 2010









Fundraise like a pro: Use the tips and tricks in our Fundraising Materials Page.  It's easy!

Want to share your story or start a walk in your area?  Contact our National Walk Coordinator at walk@nephcure.org


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