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The NephCure Foundation supports scientific research seeking the cause, better treatments and a cure for focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) and other diseases causing primary Nephrotic Syndrome. Traditionally, the Foundation pursued this goal through the support of basic laboratory research aimed at understanding the genetic and pathological processes involved with FSGS and Nephrotic Syndrome. More recently, NephCure encourages applications with more obvious or direct potential to accelerate the development of therapies.


NephCure Scientific Innovations Awards

New ideas about the cause of Nephrotic Syndrome diseases lead scientists to propose numerous questions to further understand and refine these concepts. For these ideas to translate into clinical significance for patients, work must move along a pipeline from novel ideas and discoveries to target validation to preclinical drug development and ultimately to human clinical testing. Keeping new ideas flowing along this pipeline is necessary to ensuring development of new treatments for people with FSGS and Nephrotic Syndrome.

The NephCure Scientific Innovations Award (SIA) supports innovative, high-risk, high-reward projects tackling critical scientific and therapeutic roadblocks that, if successful, open new avenues for therapy development. The program is well suited to projects with limited preliminary data, but where hypothetical rationale is compelling and study results can make the case for continuing (or discontinuing) a line of research. Applicants may submit on a relevant area of basic, preclinical and/or clinical research with a clear, achievable one-year goal.

Applications are accepted two times during the year. 

(Click HERE for more information and for application instructions)

1st Cycle Application Deadline: June 1, 2014 (11:59pm EST)

2nd Cycle Application Deadline: September 2, 2014 (11:59pm EST)

Young Investigator/Junior Faculty Awards

Investigator initiated applications are sought through a NephCure Request for Applications (RFA) and through partnership grant awards with ASN Foundation and the Kidney Foundation of Canada. These awards support the investigation of novel ideas that are directly relevant to primary FSGS and Nephrotic Syndrome and foster the independent careers of Young Investigators with a focus on FSGS, nephrotic syndrome and glomerular disease research.

The submission date for applications for the 2014 ‘NephCure Young Investigator Career Development Award’ was February 15, 2014. No new applications are being accepted at this time. Notice of a new RFA will be posted to this site. (Click HERE to view grant mechanism for the 2014 grant.)

For more information about NephCure partnership grants with Kidney Foundation of Canada and ASN Foundation visit these sites: and


Bridge Grants

NephCure will accept investigator initiated applications for support of scientific investigations off-schedule from its Request for Applications (RFA) Program to meet a special circumstance. Bridge grant awards assist an investigator to advance a research project between gaps in NIH funding. NephCure support of the Bridge Grant Award is discretionary and dependent on budget allocations made by NephCure’s Board of Directors each year. Click HERE for more information.


Investigator Initiated Proposals

Each year, the NephCure Foundation sets aside discretionary funds in its Research Budget to support projects of keen interest to our mission that may not fit within one of the other funding categories. This funding is discretionary and dependent on budget allocations made by NephCure’s Board of Directors each year. Investigators wishing to submit an application for discretionary funding should send a (no more than 2 page) Letter of Interest (LOI) to

The LOI should include:

  • Your name, institution and contact information  
  • Project nameHypothesis and some background on your scientific research program
  •  Specific aims of the project for which you seek funding 
  • Selected references 
  • Budget requested

LOIs are reviewed by our Scientific Advisors on a periodic basis as received.  Upon preliminary approval, you will be notified to submit a formal application.

Approximately 20% of research funds in 2014 are reserved for opportunities that are not part of our more formal Request for Applications (RFA) program. Formal review and award of these applications occurs 4-5 times a year depending on the number of applications received.


Last updated: June 2, 2014


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