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by dee
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I have not blogged for awhile. My apologies. I am 52 and diagnosed with MCD on October 10,2014 I was not much in the mood to conversate with anyone as I got progressively worse. I even ended up in the hospital twice. This however was a Godsend as this...
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by storaloppan
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I wore a pair of thigh-high compression stockings today, and I'm amazed at what a difference they made. They make it SO much easier to walk, and the "uncomfortableness" in my ankles was nearly unnoticeable. Unfortunately, every time I wear these...
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by uppercourt
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My daughter, who turned 7 today, has had frequently relapsing MCD for 4 years. It's time to try to stay off steroids and to move to our next treatment option, Rituxan. After researching statistical data amongst all the medication options I had to choose...
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by amanda0125
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I was wondering if anyone had any lucky on getting their insurance to cover Rituxan? I have steroid dependent FSGS and relapse whenever taken off prednisone. I was recently denied coverage for rituxan and after 3 yrs of relapsing I have tried every other...
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by Marimejia.21
Thank yo everyone. Thank you nephcure. After the San Jose nephcure walk. I met other patients who also have FSGS. One of them talked about remission and how he had been living with FSGS for I've 15 yrs. he truly inspired me. With just looking at him you...
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by serenityseeking
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In the ongoing pursuit of discovering the etiology of Acacia's Collapsing FSGS, we submitted blood for secondary genetic testing, and discovered that she has malformations on both alleles of her APOL1 gene. This is a rare occurrence and only occurs in...
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by l_bentley
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It was my first summer being away from home at sleep-away camp. As I got dressed to play capture the flag, I realized my sneakers would not fit on my feet. In fact, my entire leg was swollen. The medical center believed salty camp food and running...

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by Dennis
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As a Nephspace Community Builder, we like to reach out and cover a variety of topics to help understand Nephrotic Syndrome better, by sharing personal experiences and sometime professional advice. Sometimes we may miss a topic that you want covered....
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by Marimejia.21
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My family and friends don't really understand. How can they if I don't understand. Sometimes I cry at night thinking that I'm going to get real sick, sooner than I can expect. I tell my husband. I don't want to be sick. And he responds with YOUR NOT SICK...
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by Sandie_R
Join us for the first NephCure COMMUNITY CALL (it's free and you don't have to travel!) and learn about how 30 minutes can Save your Kidneys! June 25 at 8:30 PM EST - Register at...
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