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NephCure is relentless in its efforts to find and fund researchers in the field of Nephrology, educate the public about Nephrotic Syndrome & FSGS and encourage more people to get involved.



NephCure believes in the power of collaboration and its ability to bring together like-minded individuals who can contribute at any level to make possible improved and effective treatments and a cure for Nephrotic Syndrome & FSGS.

Make a donation today: NephCure Foundation Research Fund for a Cure. Your contribution to the NephCure Foundation Research Fund for a Cure will be pooled with the contributions of your peers, your colleagues and strangers who like you believe in NephCure's mission.

Our philosophy: we have strength in numbers. You can do more with your investment by pooling your donation with others. The NephCure Research Mutual Fund makes this possible. To learn more about NephCure’s research efforts, click here to visit the NephCure Research Center. Contributions to the NFR Fund for a Cure are used to finance research projects, education programs and general support.

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